(ACCEPTED)Creative Username's MPF Application

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(ACCEPTED)Creative Username's MPF Application

Post by Creative Username on Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:41 pm

OOC Section

How long have you played HL2:RP?
I use to do role play all the time for over a year before I took a long break. I have returned however, and I am very interested in role-playing on this server.

Have you ever role-played as a member of the MPF?
I have not role-played as a member of the MPF.

What is your most hated part of MPF RP?
Nothing much other than dealing with the occasional minge or two.

What is your favorite part of MPF RP?
Giving civilians their appropriate sentences if they choose to break the law of the glorious Combine occupation.

Why do you want to become apart of the MPF?
I would like to become apart of the MPF as I prefer to not cause trouble, but rather to establish order and prevent any trouble. That's always been how I role-played and I am just use to being in a position of authority.

Character Backstory 1-2 Paragraphs, 7 Sentences each minimum.
Born and raised in Pskov, Russia, Mikhail Zhukov was the son of an owner of a wealthy mining business. He viewed his father as an idol, and always obeyed what he had asked. When Mikhail was old enough, his father gave him the duty to oversee the workers of the mine. Mikhail ruled with an iron fist; making sure the workers worked extra hard, and made sure their breaks were very limited. Mikhail let go many workers who took a slight break to breathe in the harsh conditions of the mine, and when his father asked the reason for his actions, he said the worker in question refused to work when he was told several times.

Conditions in the mine grew worse due to Mikhail's rule, and the workers were getting very frustrated. When the Universal Empire made their first appearance in Eastern Europe, in all the confusion, the workers' gathered up to make a plan to kill Mikhail and his father. The attempt was made, and Mikhail's father was killed by a bomb planted under his desk. Mikhail rushed over to see the completely destroyed room and the remains of his father. He overheard the workers' cheers and yells, charging for Mikhail in his own office. However, before the workers got in, the OTA had sent several units to investigate the area as they were close by when the explosion was heard. He witnessed the arrests they had given the workers. Mikhail felt a strange buzz when he saw this, and soon after, was detained and was imprisoned until City 18 was built; in which he was transferred to City 18 and became an MPF officer to ensure justice wherever as he was inspired by the factions of the UE who had brought justice to his dead father.

IC Section

Age: 42
Height: 6'5
CID: #76174

What does the MPF mean to you?
I believe that the MPF has a very prominent role is society, and has a huge responsibility to ensure the safety and issue justice to civilians. I have felt safer now that a metropolitan police force has been established in City 18,
and I know what had happened back in the Pskov mine will never happen again.

Did a particular officer refer you to joining? If so who?
I was not referred by an officer, but rather my experience in City 18 in which I feel safer than never before.

What do you add to the MPF?
If I were to be enlisted into the MPF, I can offer a very loyal spot on the force and will ensure justice is brought to any law-breakers, such as the workers in my father's mine.

Any particular skills you feel may add to the MPF as a whole?
In the MPF, I can offer my complete loyalty and show others how to show their loyalty. I would also like to show other recruit officers when I am trained how to detain someone properly, and other basics.

Why did you consider joining the MPF?
I have considered joining the MPF because I want to ensure safety among City 18 citizens. I want to make it my duty to prevent any crime to any level; a petty thief to a serial murderer.

Mikhail Zhukov

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Re: (ACCEPTED)Creative Username's MPF Application

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