(ACCEPTED) Shades's MPF App

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(ACCEPTED) Shades's MPF App

Post by Shades on Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:59 pm

OOC Section

How long have you played HL2:RP?
About 4 years.

Have you ever role-played as a member of the MPF?
Yessir, used to be Commander on my old server, and have been literally every rank before that. Love me some MPF roleplay.

If so, what division were you in and what rank did you reach?
Been in Grid, Nova, Zone, Union, Judge. Also been 05-01, EpU, DvL, CmD.

What is your most hated part of MPF rp?
Dealing with rebels/citizens who complain about hard ass 05’s. That’s pretty much it, I like MPF RP all around.

What is your favorite part of MPF rp?
Honestly? I can get down with just a normal patrol, love the passive RP as MPF, but the Judgement Waivers are pretty fun too.

Why do you want to become a part of the MPF?
I just really enjoy beating the shit out of shitizens. Nah but real talk, I always liked just getting on, radioing in a quick 10-8, then patroling around the plaza with the boys.

Character Backstory 1-2 Paragraphs, 7 Sentences each minimum.
David King had to be a good role model from a young age. He was raised into a family with 5 younger brothers that looked up to him. He was always expected to be the best at everything he did and slowly, he grew tired of it all. David started to turn to drinking to cope with the extreme pressure he was put under. His parents only made it harder on him, as they were unable to work with his mother slowly fading away, diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. His father was always with his mother, tending to her for most of his days, putting it on David to support the family. Eventually, after his mother died, his father followed the same fate, ending his own life, not being able to handle it any longer. David was stuck supporting his brothers, and as much as he wanted to, he had to face the fact that he couldn’t. By 20 years old, he had his brothers stay with their uncle, but left them, trying to find some peace and a way to cope with the harsh life that had been given to him.

IC Section

Age, Height, CID
25, 6’1, #21054

What does the MPF mean to you?
The Metropolice can keep order among the citizens, I can always respect that.

Did a particular officer refer you to joining? If so who?
I heard a few officers say they may be recruiting soon, but none specifically.

What do you add to the MPF?
I can keep the peace and will follow orders without question. Hopefully after some training, I can be even better.

Any particular skills you feel may add to the MPF as a whole?
Perhaps other soldiers will follow in my footsteps seeing my obedience.

Why did you consider joining the MPF?
I want to join because I have never felt any purpose, but I feel as if joining may give me that purpose.

Finally, put your signature below.
David King.

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Re: (ACCEPTED) Shades's MPF App

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